Photography Contests

Competition always comes with some advantages attached to it. It opens avenues for us to meet other people in our field and is also a sure way by which the quality of products is improved to keep up with the current market standards. They also serve to promote a given good or service. Photography contests are no different from other types of contests that are generally held worldwide.

Photography contests are organized by special institutions and they can also be hosted through the Internet. For you to come o0ut as a qualified photographer it would be good to learn a few tricks that you can do with your digital or classic camera to capture clear and crisp images. This is because no matter how good your camera is, it can never replace you, the photographer.

For beginners who are willing to participate in photography contests, the secret is in investing in a good camera that will help you make some good shots for a beginning. Note that not all cameras are automatized and you should be careful not to choose those that are specifically designed for professionals.

Always maintain your cool during the photography contests and do not try to show off in a manner that is likely to suggest that you are a braggart. Do whatever you have to do in a modest way. Also avoid copying other people’s ways of doing things, in fact, be as original and creative as you can be. Combine all these with confidence and you have high chances of excelling.

Learning About Photography Contests – Tips on How to Win It

Whether it’s your first time to handle a digital camera or you’re fairly adept with handling a digital camera, you would definitely like to join a photography contest. Of course, the thought is quite scary. Imagine submitting your “work of art” and have someone judge its merits. It could be devastating or discouraging especially if you thought you did a fine job. This is especially scary if you are a beginner. So, most beginners do not even dare imagine joining a contest. What they do not know, however, is that they could win a contest.

When you’re a beginner, you probably do not even want to talk about photography contests. Photograph contests may seem intimidating for most photographers. Winning a contest validates your skill and makes all your efforts worth their while. You have to take the chance and leap. Perhaps, you should get your hands on books about photo contests so you could prepare yourself before you actually send in your photo. Perhaps, you could start with this article.

How to Join Photo Contests

Joining a photo contest is nerve racking but it is fun and exciting. Once you submitted your entry, there’s no turning back. You are at the mercy of the judges. So, before you reach that point, you should make sure that you have a good chance of winning. Here are some tips on how to join photo contests:

a. Remember to follow photo contests rules. This is the crucial first step to winning. If you didn’t comply with any requirement, you might end up getting disqualified. All contests have their own specific rules that you need to follow if you want to qualify. There are rules that may leave you scratching your head saying, “What is this? What does this mean?” Regardless of whether or not you understand the rules, make sure that you follow those rules to the letter. This is one of the first things you have to learn about photo contests.

b. Consider and choose your categories carefully. The one thing you’d learn about photo contests is that there are a lot of categories that you can join. Before choosing any category or sending out your entries, make sure that you have carefully studied and considered all categories. You have a better chance of winning categories with lesser entries as long as your photographs are good enough.

c. Conduct a research. Before sending in your entry. Look for the previous entries and winners. What kind of pictures work? What kind of pictures won the contest? This would give you an idea what kind of photos win, what quality is desirable and what subject matter attracts. Perhaps, looking at previous entries will give you an inspiration. So, the next time you go out and take a picture, you are directed by this inspiration.

d. Do not join all categories. One thing you should know about photo contests is that judges frown at an overzealous contestant. You’d come across as unsure of your work so you have to bombard them with your photos. So, just pick your best photos and then hope for the best.

Photography Information on Photography Contest

In my effort to bring top quality photography information, I have done some research on photography contests. What I found when I went to Google and used the words photography contest was over 50 pages that related to photography contests.

There were all kinds of contest, I believe that there was a contest just about on every aspect of photography. Some of the contest were free while others had an entry fee. Most of the photography contest had some really nice prizes. One that I entered was from a major credit card company. The prize for this contest was over $12,000 and a free photography lesson from pro photographers and you also get to have your picture on the credit card.

Like I said some of these contests were asking for an entry fee. Myself, I get a bad feeling when someone asks for a fee. Now I’m not trying to say that something is rigged but I would look long and hard twice before I sent any money in for any type of contest. I entered a photo of one of my grandchildren into a cutest baby contest and a week later I got an e-mail that said that my photo was going to be placed into a coffee table book. I thought man this is great, but as I kept reading I found out that the book would cost me 70 bucks plus 20 dollars for an entry fee for the photo that had been selected.

If you are interested in entering these contests you may want to consider a few things that will give you an edge and perhaps a winning photo. The first thing that I think you will want to look at is the impact, the over all impact of the photograph. Is this photo one that has a strong visual impact? Will this photo grasp the attention of the viewer?

Another thing is the creativity, you will need to have an unique way of looking at a subject. Try all kinds of different angles and use your imagination to find your style and to make your photo stand out from the others.

The composition of the photo will carry a lot of weight. Be sure that the placement and the posing of the subject are will executed and interesting. Along with this be sure that the print presentation is flawless. These two things can help you score a lot better.

I hope that this photography information has been of some help to you and that you can come out a big winner.