Baby Photography Contest – 3 Perfect Poses For Particularly Cute Pictures

So you’re thinking about entering your bundle of joy into a free baby photography contest? I can’t say I blame you. It’s fun, a great way to show off your cutie pie, and as an added benefit you can win some serious cash too.

Here are my three favorite poses (and they are easy too) to get super cute baby pictures every time.

Pose #1

The first pose is the baby eating pose. This pose works well no matter what the baby is eating. Bottle poses come across as being sweet, while food all over the face poses come across as being a little more silly and cute. Either way it can work. The key to getting these poses is simple. Just have your camera ready at dinner time and voila you have cute pictures.

Pose #2

Baby with fingers in mouth. This is a great pose, and really easy to get, because your baby will do this naturally all by himself. It will also score big points in a baby photography contest for sheer cuteness.

One thing to remember when getting this type of picture is to make sure that baby’s hands are not covering her face. Another thing that will help to greatly increase the cuteness factor of this picture is to catch him smiling around his fingers. Adorable.

Pose #3

The big personality pose. All babies have cute things that they do. When you capture this with your camera, it’s called the big personality pose. The key here is to showcase your baby doing what he does best, playing in bubbles, laughing her head off, playing patty cake, or even pulling the cat’s tail.

There are two things to remember when it comes to this type of pose. First, silly pictures are often contest winning pictures and happy babies will win a baby photo competition hands down over other types of pictures.