Entering Lafango’s ‘Streetscape’ Photography Contest

Lafango’s latest ‘Streetscape’ contest is now accepting entries. This contest is all about capturing, a street, road or a side-road that has a story to tell. The most creative entries, chosen by Lafango community, wins cash prizes worth $500.00.

Wondering what to enter in ‘Streetscape’?

You don’t have to travel afar for getting the perfect picture for Lafango’s latest ‘Streetscape’ Contest. Look around you, familiar streets or roads can offer great shots. The winning entry will be combination of photography and artistry.

You can use natural elements to make your everyday street picture, dramatic. While capturing a busy street, with all its hustle, bustle, is an art in itself.

Here are some ideas that you can apply to your picture:

If you are trying to capture your choice of street or road in a striking light, try shooting half an hour after sun-set. At this time of the day, shadows are deeper and colors are richer.

Side streets, look great after a storm. The wet vegetation looks vivid in the light.

Breaking the rule of shooting in the sun, can produce great street photography. Direct sunlight can produce dramatic shadows.

All streets have a story to tell: Capture as much depth in your pictures as possible – your composition should have something in the foreground, middle ground and background.

While shooting an active street, people can be suspicious about someone trying to take their picture. To avoid suspicion, smile and be polite. If someone insists be ready to delete the picture in question.