Enter A Pet Photography Contest And Promote Your Pet

Want to let the world know about your pet?

Entering pet photography contests is a great way to promote your pet. By submitting your pet pictures to a pet photography contest, you will have a chance of getting your pet photos published. Here are 3 online contests run by reputable websites.

The Dog Guide (dogguide.net)

The Dog Guide, a popular dog site, recently started a monthly dog picture contest. I like the Dog Guide’s contest because they make it easy to submit your pictures. All you have to do is send a description of your dog and 3 pictures to [email protected]

At the end of the month, they will choose the top 3 dog pictures. First place will get $30, second place $20, and third place $10.

Cats Central (cats-central.com)

If you own a cat, consider entering your best cat picture in the Cats Central picture contest. Cats Central does not pay the winners of their contest. However, if you win, you will get bragging rights as Cats Central will publish your picture on their contest web page.

To enter this contest, email your best cat photos to [email protected]. Don’t forget to include a description about your cat.

Pet Contest (petcontest.com)

Check out Pet Contest if you have other kinds of pets. Pet Contest allow anyone to submit pictures of birds, reptiles, horses, pigs, fish, and other pets.

To enter their pet photography contest, go to their site and click on the “enter the contest” link. You will have to fill out a form with your personal information and your pet’s information. On the next page, you can upload your pet picture.

Entering Lafango’s ‘Streetscape’ Photography Contest

Lafango’s latest ‘Streetscape’ contest is now accepting entries. This contest is all about capturing, a street, road or a side-road that has a story to tell. The most creative entries, chosen by Lafango community, wins cash prizes worth $500.00.

Wondering what to enter in ‘Streetscape’?

You don’t have to travel afar for getting the perfect picture for Lafango’s latest ‘Streetscape’ Contest. Look around you, familiar streets or roads can offer great shots. The winning entry will be combination of photography and artistry.

You can use natural elements to make your everyday street picture, dramatic. While capturing a busy street, with all its hustle, bustle, is an art in itself.

Here are some ideas that you can apply to your picture:

If you are trying to capture your choice of street or road in a striking light, try shooting half an hour after sun-set. At this time of the day, shadows are deeper and colors are richer.

Side streets, look great after a storm. The wet vegetation looks vivid in the light.

Breaking the rule of shooting in the sun, can produce great street photography. Direct sunlight can produce dramatic shadows.

All streets have a story to tell: Capture as much depth in your pictures as possible – your composition should have something in the foreground, middle ground and background.

While shooting an active street, people can be suspicious about someone trying to take their picture. To avoid suspicion, smile and be polite. If someone insists be ready to delete the picture in question.

Standing Out in the Battle of Photography

The world offers a lot of gorgeous things to everyone’s eyes. As for photographers, they are obliged to capture this magnificent scenery and share it to the whole world without expecting anything in return. But like everything else, in the growing number of photographers competition is inevitable. What will you do, as a photographer to shine among the multitude of shutters and lighting? The internet offers hundreds of photo contest sites that allow users to post their work and let people vote which they think stands out from the rest. Photography is unlikely thing to many, but to some whose passion is in the art, joining online photo contest is the fastest way to get noticed.

There are several types of picture contests: baby photo contests, amateur photo contests, and wildlife photo contests. Picture contest is free to all as long as you let live the artist in you. Whether amateurs, professionals or just sharing your shots with other photography lovers, entering a photography contest might be a wonderful way to express devotion with your hobby. I have seen a lot of very good photos when I searched the internet for photography contest. Some are just good memories caught on camera, some are of grief, friendship and some are tear jerkers. Though at first glance, some pictures are not quite of an eye catcher but if you look closely, the pictures taken are very difficult. Pictures like lightning, a clear photo underwater, or even birds at close up. You will spend at least an hour to shoot a clear view, but photographers are killing their time just to take a good photo of their interest and that is something worth of a recognition. Very rewarding indeed!

Entering a photo competition is fast and easy compared to other online contests. Have your name, your website and of course your photo and you are in. The best thing for in photo competition is having your work posted in the site along with other entries, whether you win or lose you will get the opportunity to share your photos with others for feedbacks and comments to further improve your skills for future contests. For starters, it will be better to join photo contests with free registration. There are more enough contests that does not require entry fees and since your are just starting, its better to gain enough exposure first and learn more experience before getting down to expensive picture contests. Some free entry photo competition give small cash prizes, but win or lose you can get experience and exposure at the same time.

Here are some quick tips to help you win photography competitions (by Photo Critic):

1 – Stick to the topic

2 – Know the rules

3 – Keep it simple

4 – Tell a powerful story

5 – Technical perfection in pair with strong vision

6 – The X factor

And the final tip… Develop your own style

Whether photography or something else, the most important thing is you are having fun on what you do. If you enjoy your work, success will come in lightly.