Digital Photography Contests – Win Any Digital Photography Contest Using This Valuable Guide!

Having already judged 12 photography competitions, I know that every year thousands upon thousands of avid photographers enter various digital photography contests across the globe. While each of these contests may vary in theme, number of applicants and popularity, they all have one underlying characteristic in common, and that is that each of them will have their winners and their losers. There are a number of ways you can increase your chances of taking home first prize such as ensuring you thoroughly read through the rules of the competition, practicing and improving your technical ability, researching past winners and adding your own unique personality and charisma to your photos. This article will explore a few of the most effective ways you can increase your potential of winning just about any digital photography contest.

You’ll find that each digital photography competition has it’s own set of terms and conditions that applicants must abide by. A good use of a contestants time is to thoroughly read through the rules and regulations of the contest before submitting their entry, you might be surprised by some of the terms that are imposed. For example, I once entered a competition in Europe whereby only one photo was allowed per contestant. Had I not have known this, I could have wasted a large amount of my time taking and entering other photos, when that time could have been valuably spent making my one entry as technically fantastic as possible!

As you may know, judges place great value on technical ability and any kind of mediocrity may very well get your shot eliminated in the very early stages of the contest. Sharpness is one of the most important technical elements to think about, your photo should be in focus and perfectly sharp, if it’s even slightly blurry – take another one. Exposure is the other most important technical detail to consider and one you should place great emphasis on. Your captured image should show colors in perfect clarity, if it doesn’t – try taking another one. You have to strive for the very best you possibly can and if you find yourself running out of ideas, you can always try looking at past winners entries as a good form of inspiration.

Although the judges may vary from year to year, the fact holds true that a photograph that wins a contest out of hundreds, if not thousands of entries is usually a pretty good one. This is why researching the previous years winning entry can be a valuable and effective way of stimulating some good ideas. This does NOT mean completely copying the winning photo from four or five years ago in the hope that the judges may have forgotten about it. Judges of photo competitions are usually very passionate about photography and will more than likely spot a plagiarised entry from a mile off. A good way to come up with a good photo from looking at past winners is to mimic something subtle you like about the photo whilst adding your own personality to the image, making it your own.

Standing out from a crowd of lots of similar entries may seem difficult, but it is very much a requirement if you wish to win any digital photography contest. Technically brilliant photos that lack emotion, personality and a ‘soul’ will always end up at the bottom of the pile, whereas photos that might not technically be as good, but tell a story and connect with the viewer, these are the photos that judges are always on the look-out for.

As you can probably tell by now there are many different aspects that go into taking and creating a contest-winning photograph, but by following the above advice you will have a strong advantage over the majority of the other applicants mediocre and plain entries and in no time you should be rolling in the glory of winning your first digital photography contest.

Photo Contests For Professionals and Amateurs

For many photographers, the joy of taking photos and sharing them with their friends and family members is reward enough. There are few hobbies that give people more satisfaction and artistic expression than photography. But entering your photographs in an online contest, whether you are a professional or an amateur, might be a wonderful and rewarding extension of your love for photography that you haven’t yet explored. Whether you are interested in prizes, notoriety, or just sharing your work with other photography lovers, a entering a good photo contest might be something you will thoroughly enjoy.

There are as many different types of photo contests as there are types of photos. Baby photo contests, amateur photo contests, and wildlife photo contests are only a few of the different types of picture contests you can enter your work in. No matter what kind of photography you are interested in, there are dozens of different ways to share your work with many other photo lovers from around the world. You can do so anonymously, or you can put your name on your work and see how it fares against other competitors in an online contest. Believe it or not, you might be surprised to find that your photography is actually better than you think it is when you enter it in your first contest!

Unlike other types of online contests, entering contests is relatively fast and easy. Usually all you need to provide (besides your photo) is your name or website. And in most online photo contests, you don’t have to be the winner in order to get your photo listed along with all of the other entrants. So whether you win or lose, many people will end up seeing your work and giving you feedback on what’s good, what needs improvement, and new ideas for future photographs. Entering your photos into an online contest is really a win-win situation, whether you walk away with the top prize or not.

A couple of quick tips before you enter your first contest: first, while you are starting out, don’t enter any contests that require any kind of entry fees. There are prestigious photography contests out there with very significant prizes that do require entry fees, but when you are just starting, it’s better if you stay away from the expensive ones. There are more than enough free-to-enter online contests out there for you to enter, and some of them actually do offer a small cash prize for winning. Above all else, when you are just starting, it’s more important for you to gain some exposure, tips and photo ideas from other photographers.

The most important rule to follow when entering online contests is pretty simple: have fun! The great thing about contests is that if you don’t win one, you can enter your photograph in as many more as you want. With some hard work and tenacity, your photography is bound to get better and you’re bound to win!

Tips For Winning a Photography Contest

Whether you are a professional photographer or just a weekend shutterbug, a great way to enjoy picture taking is to enter a photography contest. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to enter these contests and in fact there are many times where an armature’s photograph will beat out photographs of many seasoned veterans.

Winning a photography contest is more about how you take the pictures themselves rather than what you take pictures of. Here are some tips that will help guide you to a photography win or two:

o Be unique: Judges of photography contests are always looking for unique shots. Of course you will want to follow the guidelines of the contest, but if the contest is one that allows shots of anything to be entered, then use your imagination. If it is specific, such as a contest of baby photographs, again think outside the box with the pictures you take.

o Click away: No matter what it is you decide to take a picture of to enter into the contest be sure that you take many shots of the subject. This will allow you to later go through all of the shots and really give some thought as to which one you will enter into the photography contest.

o Do your homework: If the contest is one that is held on an annual basis then take a look at what some of the past winners took pictures of. Where they action shots? Maybe they were abstract. Whatever the case may be you can get a leg up on the competition by doing a little homework ahead of time.

o Consider categories: Most Photography contests will have a number of different categories. While you should certainly enter into the categories that you are most interested in you can also look at the categories and try to establish which ones will have the least amount of entries. While they may not be the most exciting categories, you will increase your odds of winning if there are very few entered into a certain category.

o Follow the rules: Okay this sounds like a no brainer but you would be surprised at the number of photography contestants that simply do not follow the contest rules. This typically leads to immediate elimination no matter how good the picture may be. You can be an instant step ahead of many if you read the rules and follow them to the letter.

o Have fun: If you find that you are stressing out while taking pictures to enter into the contest, then you need to stop and reevaluate. Contests are supposed to be fun and if you are not having fun and enjoying yourself then chances are you are putting too much thought into your shots and you are not going to take very good pictures. Stick with what you know and have fun with it.

While you certainly won’t win every photography contest you enter, if you keep at it you are sure to win your fair share. More importantly you may be able make some friends along the way and you will certainly enhance the joy of your picture taking hobby.