How You Win Photography Contests Online

These days, with the advancements in technology, more and more people are buying cameras. It’s very easy to own one because of the improvements in ease of use and maintenance. We don’t have to buy rolls of film just to use a camera. It’s also easier to take great pictures, because we can preview the image that’s going to be taken and if it’s not up to standard, it can be deleted in just a press of a button. No film is wasted, and the photos come out as we want them.

It’s normal practice to bring a camera everyday, especially those that are compact and lightweight. This is so that every important moment is captured and thus, preserved throughout time. With this in mind, more and more people are getting interested in photography and enjoying it. Even non-professional photographers can take very good pictures, and there shouldn’t be any surprise if there are more people who join photography contests, whether it’s for the prize, the recognition, or just for fun.

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy photography, and someday you hope to enter and win a contest, here are some photography contest tips and advice:

  • Follow all the rules of the contest

There is always a different set of rules for every contest, and you should be aware of them first and foremost. Familiarize yourself with them and follow them to the letter. You might not understand why some rules are there, but don’t assume you can just disregard them. They are there for a reason. It’s better to follow the rules rather than have your work returned to you because you did not follow the rules.

  • Research on past entries

Researching on past winning entries will help you learn more about the contest that you want to join and its standards. If you know more about the standards and the judges’ basis for a good photograph, you’ll have a better edge against the other contestants. You also might get inspired from studying the past entries.

  • Study the categories

There are different categories in every contest, and you must consider the requirements of each category before submitting an entry under the category that you’ve chosen. Your photograph should be focused on the category’s topic. Many entries get disqualified for not following the requirements, and it’s sad because the photographer may be talented, but the entry is not even seen by the judges because of a technicality. For example, there are categories that might require your picture to have a few items at the background of the photograph’s main focus. One missing item may hurt your chances in the contest.

  • Consider your work with a critical eye

You might have a photograph that you’re really fond of. You might even consider it as your best, because of its meaning to you. Remember, your contest entry will be judged by many different people who are strangers to you. They don’t know the story and circumstances behind your favorite work, and they don’t care. They are also given a set of guidelines in choosing entries, and each of them has unique standards. If you want a good chance of winning, better submit photographs that are good on all technical factors. For your entry to stand out, your subject should be doing some actions. A subject that is doing something is more noticeable and has more depth compared to a subject that is on a pose.

  • Send only your best work

There are contests that allow multiple entries, and if you plan on submitting more than one entry per category, it’s better to submit just a few of your best work, rather than submit a lot of entries that include a few decent, but lackluster, photographs. This is to protect how the judges think of your best photograph. If you include a few second-rate photographs, chances are the judges’ opinion on those photographs might dampen their opinion on your best entry. Instead of your best photograph standing out, it might get buried under the mediocre ones.

It’s easier now to take pictures, and it’s even easier to prepare for a contest if you only study how. Apply these photography contest tips and advice, and improve your chances of winning a photography contest.

How to Find a Digital Photography Contest

Digital photography contests are a norm for many photography forums and magazines. Some of them will announce a new photography contest every month and some announce every season.

There are many ways for you to win this type of contest and today, I will outline few tips that you can use to find digital photography contest so that you can use them to participate and be one of the few first people entered the contest (and increase the first impression of the judges of you!)

One of the best ways to find contests is by going to Google and use certain modifiers. One of the modifier is this: “allintitle:digital photography contest” (do not put the double quote)

What are you doing with this modifier is you are asking Google to deliver search results consisting of pages that has that title in their web page. In other word, you are looking for a website that talks about specific contest inside the page (you might find this article by using the same modifier too).

Secondly, you can find photography contests by using this modifier in Google: “digital photography contest”. Include together the double quote given because when you do this, you are asking Google to deliver search results that have website talking about this contest you want to participate. But the downside of this is, it might be too old for you to join in (most of the search results will be old, sometimes the entry is from 2006).

However, if you use Google Alerts, you can make sure you get most updated results from Google. Just search for Google Alerts, and then put in 2 modifiers I mentioned above and depending on your setting, you will receive updated list of websites that mentioned the term you are looking for.

This way, you’ll know firsthand which website talks about a photography contest, and you can enter them early and increase your chance of not missing the contest entirely.