Photo Contests For Professionals and Amateurs

For many photographers, the joy of taking photos and sharing them with their friends and family members is reward enough. There are few hobbies that give people more satisfaction and artistic expression than photography. But entering your photographs in an online contest, whether you are a professional or an amateur, might be a wonderful and rewarding extension of your love for photography that you haven’t yet explored. Whether you are interested in prizes, notoriety, or just sharing your work with other photography lovers, a entering a good photo contest might be something you will thoroughly enjoy.

There are as many different types of photo contests as there are types of photos. Baby photo contests, amateur photo contests, and wildlife photo contests are only a few of the different types of picture contests you can enter your work in. No matter what kind of photography you are interested in, there are dozens of different ways to share your work with many other photo lovers from around the world. You can do so anonymously, or you can put your name on your work and see how it fares against other competitors in an online contest. Believe it or not, you might be surprised to find that your photography is actually better than you think it is when you enter it in your first contest!

Unlike other types of online contests, entering contests is relatively fast and easy. Usually all you need to provide (besides your photo) is your name or website. And in most online photo contests, you don’t have to be the winner in order to get your photo listed along with all of the other entrants. So whether you win or lose, many people will end up seeing your work and giving you feedback on what’s good, what needs improvement, and new ideas for future photographs. Entering your photos into an online contest is really a win-win situation, whether you walk away with the top prize or not.

A couple of quick tips before you enter your first contest: first, while you are starting out, don’t enter any contests that require any kind of entry fees. There are prestigious photography contests out there with very significant prizes that do require entry fees, but when you are just starting, it’s better if you stay away from the expensive ones. There are more than enough free-to-enter online contests out there for you to enter, and some of them actually do offer a small cash prize for winning. Above all else, when you are just starting, it’s more important for you to gain some exposure, tips and photo ideas from other photographers.

The most important rule to follow when entering online contests is pretty simple: have fun! The great thing about contests is that if you don’t win one, you can enter your photograph in as many more as you want. With some hard work and tenacity, your photography is bound to get better and you’re bound to win!